Happy 6th Birthday, B

And after a year long hiatus, I am back. Over the next few weeks, this blog will morph into a new site which will highlight the nonprofit sector, parenting, coaching and more. However in the meantime, I wanted to start back up with something personal.

8915715376_9c03eb685eHey B,
Happy 6th Birthday! It is amazing to think that 6 years ago you entered our lives as it feels like just yesterday. Every day since that moment has been an adventure and I am so glad to be on this journey with you. You have made my life fuller and more complete in ways that I never thought possible.

You are an amazing 6-year-old boy who loves to explore the world in front of you. You care deeply about thinking about how things need to be fair and you strive to make sure everyone around you is treated equally. Even this morning after your doctor’s appointment rather than just thinking about a sticker for yourself you asked about getting one for your sister.

B, as you are getting older, I want to tell you about someone that you are named after. Her name was Grace and she was my grandmother. She was a social worker (someone who takes care of others) and cared deeply about those around her, just like you do. She would have loved meeting you and how you are becoming such a little mensch (a good person) in taking care of your family and friends. She would have loved to see how you lit up last week delivering food bags to people from our synagogue and listening to you ask questions about each family. You truly embody the caring person that she was and I look forward to watching how you will continue to care for others around you.

You continue to impress me on a daily basis with what you are learning in kindergarten. From beginning to read to your love for science and how things work to writing a letter to the tooth fairy because you lost (yes, we never found it) another tooth, you have grown so much this year. Your endless questions about everything around you continue to keep me on my toes and help me see that I need to slow down in my own life and just enjoy life. Your creativity in your drawings and voices that you give your toys bring a smile to my face and your passion for musicals is fun to watch. You have already gone to your fourth play at the DCPA.

I cannot wait to see what this year brings for you. From your first soccer and baseball games to beginning first grade, I know that there will be many fun adventures this year that I get to share with you. Continue to dance funky and enjoy every moment.

I love you.



One thought on “Happy 6th Birthday, B

  1. Beautiful post Josh!! I love what you said about being reminded to slow down and experience the moment. Children are great at helping us do that!

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