Happy 1st Birthday, PFG Girl!

1st birthdayDear PFG Girl,
Today is your first birthday! It is amazing to think that a year ago, Mommy and Daddy weren’t expecting to see you. Unlike your brother, you were excited to enter this world and you came two weeks early. Surrounded by your many aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins, you entered this world and had everyone’s love from day one… especially your big brother’s!

Maybe one day he will grow tired of you but he loves you more than anything in the world. We will see if this continues as you grow older and try to hang out with him and his friends!

Your birth marked an interesting time in our lives, Mommy decided to start her own business out of the house to stay at home with you and your brother. Daddy was still enjoying his job at the Community College and PFG boy was just about to start preschool at a new school (little did we know you were going to arrive two days before school started). A little less than a month after you were born, we had a major flood in our basement and we are still dealing with some of the aftereffects. We are just grateful that you were so young that you won’t remember the chaos.

PFG girl, you are the happiest and most easy going baby one-year old we have ever met. You go with the flow of our crazy and ever-changing lives. You love the attention from all of your cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents and great-grandparents. You love to laugh and play and listen to the drums at services.

You just started pulling yourself up and you are finally getting your top front tooth… don’t most babies get a canine tooth first? You just started rolling a ball back to Mommy and me. You love Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck and the way you hold your sippy cup reminds us of your brother. (Wait isn’t the cup supposed to be held against your face to soothe you? The liquid inside is just a bonus!)

There isn’t a food that we have introduced to you that you don’t like and you love to feed yourself. You love to giggle with your brother and when you both get going, the whole house becomes full of laughter.

We are so excited to watch you continue to grow and learn. From taking your first steps to speaking your first words, we know this next year will be full of growth and memories.

We love you so much and are so glad we are your parents!

Mommy and Daddy




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