The Power of the Sun – May 2014

Each month the PFG family presents the current power that our solar panels are producing. We give an update on how many kilowatt hours our system produces each month and the financial impact this has for our family. To read more about how we got solar power, click here.

A Little Late
Ideally, we would like to give this update as close to the first week of every month but this month Mr. PFG started a new job and is trying to get settled.

The Numbers
Now for the numbers. For the second month in a row, our system is providing a lot of energy that goes back to our energy company and gets banked as credit for us against what we use each month.

Below is the monthly graph for May of what we produced.  Please note that there are some days where there are no results being presented.  Our system wasn’t correctly responding with the monitoring service but we were still producing energy on most of those days.  There were also three days where the system wasn’t working and we had to have maintenance on the system to turn it back on.

May Solar


In May, our system produced over 849 kilowatt hours (see note above) and in a little over two months, our system has provided 2,316 kilowatt hours of energy.  Last month alone we banked over 330 kilowatt hours for our reserves!  Knowing that we are helping the environment and saving some extra money has made this whole experience even better!

If you are interested in learning more about how you can install solar panels, help the environment, and save some money, please let us know and we will tell you more!

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