We Raised a Tattletale

While we are not experts in this whole parenting game, we thought we were doing a pretty good job.  I mean these little human beings we are in charge of don’t come with instructions (or as PFG boy says constructions).

Both PFG boy and PFG girl are growing (I never thought both of my children would even be on the charts) and learning new things on a daily basis.  They get three plus meals a day, baths on a regular basis, and are overall happy.  PFG boy loves to play with legos, play catch, and still give his toys voices.  PFG girl is feeding herself, crawling, and grasping her toys.

But for the last month, we have noticed something out of the ordinary.  PFG boy is a tattletale.  Not just any tattletale but the most peculiar tattletale we have ever seen.

He is a tattletale on himself.  And not just when he has done something wrong but when he has thought about doing something wrong.

“Mom, I almost hit someone.”

“Dad, I almost tripped over the dog.”

“Nanny, I almost stole a toy.”

“Ms. M., I almost spilled something.”

“Nonnie, I almost touched my sister’s hand.”

At this point, we are not sure whether to laugh or to be upset that we have raised a tattletale. Mrs. PFG has even started joking that if PFG boy commits a crime later in life, that we will know before the event ever takes place.

How would you handle this situation? Do your kids tattle on themselves? What funny things do your kids do or say?  


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