It’s the Little Things

…that we take for granted.

A week ago, I broke a toe on my left foot.  It was the first bone that I have ever broken and hopefully the only bone I ever break.

However, while I have been hobbling around for the last week and a half, I had an awakening.  I have taken it for granted that I have ten functional toes that allow me to balance the rest of my body on them.

Photo Credit: ezioman via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: ezioman via Compfight cc

These ten little digits have taken me around the world, helped me walk down the aisle for my wedding, supported me during the birth of my two beautiful children, and allowed me to do my daily activities without much problems.  But I have taken this for granted.

Actually, I have taken many “little things” for granted.  I have taken my overall health for granted.  I have taken owning a home and a car for granted.  I have taken the fact that I have a job for granted.  I have taken my relationships with Mrs. PFG and with PFG boy and PFG girl for granted.  I have taken my parents for granted and I have taken my siblings for granted.

While waiting at the doctor’s office to have my foot checked out last week, I looked around and saw people who had much different ailments than me.  My injury was just a toe and I needed to be thankful for that.  I needed to be thankful that I have never broken another bone in my body and I needed to be thankful that I had the health insurance to protect me.  I needed to start showing gratitude for everything I have.

Ironically, the last month has been a whole month of gratitude for me and breaking my toe just reinforced the need for me to show gratitude.  I have been reading a wonderful book called The Magic by Rhonda Bryne (who is also the author of The Secret.)  This book has 28 activities of gratitude where you have to consciously think about everything that you are grateful for.  There are days where I have to show gratitude for the relationships around me, for my health, for the money I have for the things I need, and for the daily activities in my life.

This book and the activities have made me slow down and think about everything around me.  I cannot look past these “little things” anymore.  I need to be aware and thankful for my health; both the good things and the bad things.  I need to be thankful for the relationships I currently have, the ones I may have hurt along the way, and the future relationships I am working to build.

I need to be thankful that I am able to pay all of my bills and afford the necessities around me.  If I cannot currently pay for something, I need to be thankful that I will have the opportunity to buy those things at a later date.

Most of all, I just need to slow down and live my life with gratitude that I am alive and can explore each day as a new day.

To all of my readers, friends and family:

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

For being there during the tough times and celebrating the good times.  For pushing me to be better and for supporting the Pure Family Gold family through all of our adventures.


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