Why Our Caring is All Backwards

Last night, Mrs. PFG, PFG boy, PFG girl and I went to our friends’ house to celebrate their new addition of a baby boy and to bring them dinner so they wouldn’t have to cook.  Just like our friends and family did for us, this family has had home cooked meals brought to them over the last three weeks and it has been a huge help to them.

But as we were driving home last night, I began to wonder about the whole idea of providing meals to other families.  In our society, we have been taught that we should provide meals to families when there is a birth, illness, or death because it is the “right thing to do.”  Having been on the receiving end, these meals have been greatly appreciated and our friends and family did it because of their love for us.

However, shouldn’t we be kind and caring all of the time?  Why should it take a celebration, an illness or tragedy for the community to rally around each other?  Does the fact that we brought our friends dinner last night preclude us from doing it again in a couple of months?  Or is the gesture only “valid” in the first month of a new child’s life?

What about for a friend who is mourning the loss of a loved one?  Wouldn’t they like a meal in a few months?  It isn’t like the mourning process ends after the service.

Yes, you can have your friends over for dinner and it would still show a sense of caring but sometimes (especially when you have kids) it is nice to have a nice home cooked meal brought to your house.

As we begin our own spring cleaning at home, I hope that the Pure Family Gold family will also “spring clean” our perspective on how we care for those that we love.  Rather than waiting for a celebration or tragedy, we will proactively reach out to our friends and family and offer them meals.

As my brother-in-law always says, “you are always welcome at our house for dinner because we always have to eat.”  Our friends and family always have to eat dinner so we offer to bring them dinner.

What do you think about the tradition of bringing a meal to your friends?  What other ways can you show them you care throughout the year? 

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