Springtime – Brings New Family Time

Happy first day of spring!

With this first day of spring, there is a new sense of “added family time” that we always feel in our household.  We make an effort to get out of our house, take evening walks, and explore the many parks that our community has to offer.  As our family continues to grow, these “extra” hours of sunlight in the evening will bring more and more meaning to our lives.

For one, PFG boy just started riding his bicycle (with training wheels).  When we first bought him the bike in the fall, he struggled with the concept of pedaling and would get very frustrated.  And then last week, he got on the bike for the first time and just took off.  He hadn’t been on a bike in five months and all of a sudden, he got it.  We are excited to watch him continue to master this new passion of his and celebrate with him throughout this summer and spring.

A couple of days ago, PFG girl turned seven months old and she is truly engaging with the world around her.  She laughs at the sight of her dog running around and wants to grab everything in front of her.  The added family time this spring and summer will allow us to see her enjoy her first swing ride, slide ride with mommy, and watching her brother speed ahead.

Additionally, spring time also allows us to explore what our community has for us – for FREE.  In a couple of months, the Aurora Chamber’s Bank in Harmony concert series will begin, City Park Jazz, movies in the park, Celebrate Family at the Jewish Community Center, and more!  As we get closer to these events, we will share with you some of the great activities we are going to participate in.

What fun family things do you do that have been in hibernation for the last few months?  What activities are you looking forward to this summer?

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