FF11: What’s Next… We Want Your Financial Stories

Financial FridayWelcome to another edition of Financial Friday.  A series of weekly posts where we share some of financial gold with you on our personal finances, savings, and investing.  Once again, these are just things we have done ourselves and might not work for you, but it doesn’t hurt to try a new way to pan for your own financial gold!

For the last 10 weeks, the PFG family has shared with you our personal finance journey.  We have enjoyed giving you a monthly update on our net worth (look for the monthly report to change shape for March), sharing with you some of our own saving methods, telling you how we save for our kids, and much more!

However, we know that there must be other families that are going through savings challenges themselves or have stories to share about their own financial journey.  Maybe you have a savings plan that you would like to share with the readers of Pure Family Gold.  Maybe you use the envelope method for your budgeting each month.  Maybe you have paid down 54% of your debt in two years.  What ever your story, we would love to help you share it.

We are looking for people to share their own financial journeys with us and with our readers.  One of the biggest reasons we started Pure Family Gold was so that people could learn and grow alongside us.  We know that your stories will help us grow and help our readers explore different ways to look at their finances.

If you are interested in sharing or highlighting your own success story, please contact us today.

Please note that we will not publish any names on the Pure Family Gold blog.  If you want ideas on how to share your story, let us know in the comment section of the contact form and we will help you.


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