Our #2 Problem

Photo Credit: Leo Reynolds via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Leo Reynolds via Compfight cc

Rolling over, holding a bottle, laughing at peek-a-boo, and trying new foods.  Memorization, acknowledging letters, learning manners,  and taking pictures with his own camera.

Ah, the joys of being parents to a six month old and an almost four year old.

The growth of both PFG girl and PFG boy has been amazing over the last month.  Each day, it feels like they have both learned so much more and are different children than the day before.

But we have a problem… a #2 problem.  Well, maybe its not really a problem but more like an adventure.  An adventure that we would like to be over with.

You see, PFG boy has always been a quick learner.  A child who moved to his first big boy bed (actually a bunk bed) when he was just over a year and a half old.  A child who has an amazing memory and doesn’t forget a promise or an event that has taken place even three weeks ago.  A child who chooses to watch videos about toys (and how they work) on YouTube than an episode of a cartoon.

He is someone who doesn’t like when his cup or clothes might be wet or dirty.  So when we first started the fun adventure of potty training, we thought this would be easy because he doesn’t like to be wet or dirty.

He proved us right…

when it comes to peeing.

Over the year since he started potty training, he has not had an accident over night and only a handful of times during the day (usually when he is playing with toys or his friends and is “distracted.”)

But then there is #2.  The adventure that just won’t go away.  The adventure that we started six months before the birth of PFG girl because we didn’t want two kids in diapers.  The adventure that we have researched and tried different techniques to address.

child-adult toilet

BEMISNextStep Child/Adult Toilet Seat sold at Home Depot

The adventure where we purchased a new toilet seat which is a joint child and adult seat.  The adventure where we offered prizes each time he uses it.  The adventure where his grandparents have offered him an outing with them.  But nothing seems to work.  Nothing seems to motivate him.

For a child that needs his hands cleaned off between each bite of food and for a child who needs us to change his shirt if there is a stain, you would think that being dirty or having something on his skin would drive him crazy.  Yet it doesn’t.

And there doesn’t seem to be one right way from fellow parents or even our pediatrician.  For some, they say that he still has times.  For others, they never had the #2 problem.  It has been disheartening and painful to watch at times (he has very sensitive skin and gets rashes often) and our pediatrician said that her daughter wasn’t potty trained until 5 so we cannot rush the process.  Not very encouraging if you ask us.

So, last night we decided to try something new.  PFG wife made a behavioral and potty chart with activities that he can earn with the final activity being Disney World (we are going to Orlando in April).  He will now have the opportunity to earn things he likes to do with a big “adventure” at the end that we believe will motivate him.

It seems to have made a little bit of a difference already.  This morning for the first time in months, he sat on the toilet.  Not just for a minute but for a good five minutes.  Nothing happened but the little action of sitting there is a step in the right direction.  Will it work?  We have no idea but this is just another way for us to try and tackle our #2 problem.

What has worked for your child?  As PFG girl grows up, what can we do differently to avoid this “problem” in the future?  Share your own story with the PFG readers.


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