She Really Loves Him, Will It Last?

Sand Heart

Photo Credit: marie-ll via Compfight cc

The way she looks into his eyes and smiles, you can tell she really loves him.  He makes her laugh with his charming faces and silly games.

He drowns her with hugs and kisses and she loves every moment of it.  But will it really last?

Will she still love him when he does something to annoy her?  Will she still love him when they get into a fight?  Will she still laugh at him when he jokes about her?

Is this just a phase that they will both outgrow?  When he gets cooties will she still find him adorable?  Will she still love his hugs and kisses or be embarrassed?

Oh, the love and admiration of two…


Right now the way that PFG boy makes PFG girl smile and laugh is a sight to be seen.  Even when he makes those silly faces that are gross, she still laughs and smiles at him.  Encouraging him to be silly and crazy.  Will this last?

Will she still love him when he steals her toys?  What about her?  Will he want to play with her when she is old enough to play with his friends?  Will he still want to give her hugs when they are in elementary school?  Or is this just a phase?

A phase that we all outgrow.  A phase where it is okay for siblings to show love.  When and why does our society shun this admiration for our siblings?  Or is it a case by case situation?

As a parent, I want my kids to share their laughter and share their tears.  I know that life moves fast but I hope their love for each other only continues to grow.  I hope that they will remain as close as they are today and that we foster their relationship so there is no competition.

But in the end, their relationship is only theirs.  There will be times where they drive each other crazy and say they “hate” the other sibling.  They will get into fights and will make up.  They will resent the other one and they will probably be compared at some point.  And hopefully they will come through it with a stronger love for each other.  That is all we can hope for.

As a parent, do your kids still love each other or has it changed as they get older?  Do you still “love” your siblings the way you did when you were younger?  How do you as a parent foster relationships between your kids to help them remain close?  Is there even anything you can do?


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