Our Love, Hate Relationship

LoveHateWe have owned our home for four years and we love it.

No, wait, we hate it right now.  More on that in a while.  

Well, actually there are times where we have loved it and hated it.

Why We Love It
We have an amazing house on a quarter acre in a great location (just a few minutes from two major highways) with an amazing amount of space.  Our home has two and a half baths and five bedrooms.  A finished basement and an additional 200 square feet of storage.  When we bought the house, the kitchen, bathrooms and floors had been remodeled.

It is the home where we have grown our family from two to four.  It is the home where we welcomed our son to the Jewish community by having 120 people attend his Bris and his first three birthday parties.  It is the place where my brother and sister rented a room from us (yeah, extra income) and is our first stand-alone home.

We have made it our own by painting some of the rooms, redoing the front yard, making my wife her own hair salon and having a large space for all of our kid’s toys. (Including a great roller coaster.  Thanks, mom and dad!)

Flooding, Flipping, Frozen Pipes
In the four years we have owned the house, we have experienced two floods in our basement with the first one occurring within months of us living there.  The second one took place this last September when we received 15 inches of rain in three days.  With the help of a carpet cleaner, there was 2500 gallons of water that was sucked out of the basement.  Oh, and PFG girl was only four weeks old at the time.  

The second flood really turned our lives upside down.  My sister who had been living with us moved out (goodbye, extra income) and everything that was in our basement became a permanent fixture in our main living area.  All of that on top of having two young children, made us hate our home again… but it wasn’t the first time.

Yes, it is nice to come into a home that has been flipped but you also take the risk of the work being done only halfway.  Some of the issues have been minor (a dishwasher not fastened to the counter top) while others have been more severe (who washes out there grout container in a bathtub?)  When others do the work, you can’t control the quality.

And then there was the frozen pipe… last week.  We love the fact that our house is a ranch-style house that has a lot of character but the building standards when the house was built were not the same as they are now.  So when the temperature changes, issues arise.  Last week, we experienced our first frozen pipe. 

It was amazing that only one pipe in the whole house froze after we had a high of -1 and 1 two days in a row.  Luckily for us, we caught it early and didn’t have to deal with a busted pipe.  If this happens to you, leave the tap in the on position and try to heat up the pipe.  You can do this with a hair dryer or a heater pointed under the sink.  It will take a while but will save you money in the long run.

And the Fence
Since we moved into our house, we knew that at some point we were going to need to replace our fence.    It was falling into our neighbors yards, had holes for our dog to explore, and was rotting in other areas.  Lucky for us, we have four neighbors we share the fence with so it should have been easy to replace.  Okay, maybe not.  

After the flood of 2013, we found out that our back fence was built on top of a retaining wall and the two neighbors in the back had their own fence in addition to ours.  We had to rebuild the retaining wall and the neighbors had no desire to chip in for one fence. 

Our other two neighbors also had no intent to chip in to fix the fence so we were left with the entire bill.  In the end, this was a headache but allowed us to get the nice clean side of the fence.

In the End We Love It
People always talk about the “joys” of home ownership and they are not wrong.  It takes a lot of time and money but it is ours.  It is the place where we have a roof over our head, a place for our kids to grow and play, and a place to store all of our “stuff.”  Yes, we have experienced the inconveniences of flooding, neighbors, and poor construction but in the big scope of things, these are all minor compared to the happiness this home has brought to us.

What do you love or hate about your home?




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