We’re Breaking Up

broken_heart1We had a nice run and many ups and downs but it is now time for us to move on from each other.

Yes, you brought me many happy times over the years but I cannot deal with the emotional roller coaster anymore.  It’s not you, it’s me.  We can still be friends but I have to let you go.

The last two years have been full of excitement but have ended in heartbreak.  I cannot describe to you how many hours I thought about you and wished things could go a different direction.

But at the end of the day, I need to not be emotionally attached to you anymore.

For you are just a game.  A game played by people who earn more in a weekend than I will earn over 10 years.  A game where nothing I do can change the outcome.  A game where a ball dropped or tipped can change the entire outlook.  A game of luck at times and skill at others.  But you are still just a game.

Moving forward, I will not listen to people over analyze you.  I will not stay awake watching every moment of every game.  I no longer will plan my life around you.  Yes, there will be years where you will try to draw me back in with your great record and push towards the playoffs but I am done waiting with bated breath for you to reach the promise land.

Over the last 30 years, you have provided me with four heart wrenching losses (yes, even as a toddler and young child, you impacted my life) and two amazing wins.  It has been fun and we will still remain friends.  I will still be a fan but will not let your successes or failures impact my “happiness” anymore.

Best of luck to you, Denver Broncos, and your silly little game… thanks for the memories.

P.S. – I am leaving you for the sport that takes 162 games to break my heart… unless you are a Rockies fan and then it is just a fling after three weeks.  Bring on spring training.

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