The Gift of Memberships

Membership CardFor the last two years, the PFG family has received the gift that keeps on giving.  The gift of memberships to local museums.

Now, how many times do you have family members ask you what you want or what to give your kids?  For us, this is not an easy task as we both have such large families.  Yes, we love the clothes, games, and toys that our family members give us and we will continue to ask for these items that we use in our daily lives.

However the gift of memberships present many different opportunities for both the gift giver and the receiver.

  1. For the gift giver, many times a portion of the cost of the membership can be used as a tax write off.  Check with the organization whether or not this is part of their membership process.
  2. This is a gift that offers experiences for the whole year.  For the PFG family, there are times where we don’t want to spend the whole day at one of the local museums or zoo but with a membership, we know we can come back for more.
  3. Memberships come with extra perks (read more below)
  4. Memberships are easy to renew.  This is a gift that can be given for many years in a row and will still hold meaning for your kids.  As the PFG kids grow up, their experiences at each location will grow with each of them.

In the first year of getting memberships, the PFG family received four memberships which included: Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Denver Botanic Gardens, The Children’s Museum of Denver, and the Butterfly Pavilion. Below is a breakdown of the memberships we received and what we loved about each of them.  We have also included a breakdown of the Denver Zoo which is a membership we purchase on our own but would also make an excellent gift.

Denver Museum of Nature & Science

  • Includes membership for two adults plus their own children.
  • Preview days for members to preview new exhibits before they open to the general population.
  • Discounts at IMAX, planetarium, gift shop and on dining.
  • Age appropriate activities in most exhibits and discovery zone which is perfect for preschoolers and early elementary school aged students.
  • The dinosaurs!

Give the gift of a membership to DMNS by clicking here.

Denver Botanic Gardens

  • Includes membership for up to six guests.
  • Membership includes admission to both of the Colorado locations.
  • Membership includes two free passes to the Chatfield Corn Maze during members preview days and two passes to Blossoms of Lights (at the main gardens) and Trail of Lights (in Chatfield)
  • Amazing children’s garden.  You can read more about our experience at the children’s garden here.

Give the gift of a membership to Denver Botanic Gardens by clicking here.

Children’s Museum of Denver

  • Includes membership for two adults and children under age of 18.
  • Free parking for special events.
  • Free admission for two amazing events, Noon Years Eve and Trick-or-Treat Street.
  • Two guest passes and discount in the cafeteria.
  • Members only mornings.
  • Arts and crafts, trains, bubbles, infant and toddler room, a real fire truck and more!

Give the gift of a membership to Children’s Museum of Denver by clicking here.

Butterfly Pavilion

  • Includes membership for two adults and up to four children.
  • Hands on experiences with insects, fish, and of course, butterflies.
  • Story time.
  • Watching bees make their honey and hearing them buzz.
  • Holding Rosie, the tarantula!

Give the gift of a membership to Butterfly Pavilion by clicking here.

*Special: Give the gift of a dual membership to Children’s Museum of Denver AND the Butterfly Pavilion.  This is the membership the PFG family has received for two years in a row.  Two great venues for one great price!  Click here for more information.

Denver Zoo

  • Membership includes two adults and children up to 18 years of age.
  • Members only check in.
  • Discounts for Denver Zoolights, food, and gift shops.
  • Open 365 days a year.
  • Watching the animals getting fed.
  • Measuring the growth of your children against the polar bear.
  • The elephants… wait are there other animals at the zoo?

Give the gift of a membership to Denver Zoo by clicking here.

Have you ever gotten the gift of a membership?  What memberships would you want to receive or give to your loved ones?


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