My One Word 2014

For the last three years, I have written a list of wishes on my birthday that I hope to accomplish over the next year of my life.  Since my birthday falls so close to the new year, some people might look at these as resolutions.  However, I have never looked at these as resolutions but rather a map of my upcoming year.  If I accomplish all of them, that is great but if some of them change, that is okay also because it means that I was flexible.

I have never done a list of new year’s resolutions because I found the practice to be empty promises.  The only person you are accountable to is yourself and how can someone honestly come up with good resolutions during the holiday season?  Surrounded by family, celebrations, food, and usually time off is not how life is during the “daily grind.”  How can you commit to losing weight when the holidays are all about enjoying food with family and friends?

Luckily for me, a little over a year ago, my mother-in-law (MD), suggested that I read a book, One Word That Will Change Your World.”  This quick read by Jon Gordon, Dan Britton, and Jimmy Page really helped me discover the power of a One Word theme for my year.  Rather than empty promises, I could utilize one word to try and meet every day.

Last Year – ARRIVE
Last year, after much thinking, I came to the word ARRIVE.  For me, there were lots of things happening in my life and Arrive felt like it would encompass many of the opportunities presented to me.  Looking back, I feel like I really did live out this word in 2013.

  • With no prior professional fundraising experience, in 2013, I arrived to become a fundraiser raising over $50,000 in my first year.
  • I arrived at some major decisions regarding family celebrations throughout 2013.  We will write about this later.
  • We arrived at a decision to make a school change for our son in May 2013.
  • We arrived at the decision to have Mrs. PFG (Pure Family Gold) stay at home with our children.
  • Our beautiful daughter arrived in August 2013.
  • I arrived at setting aside a day for rest from Facebook, Twitter, and email.  You can read more here.

And This Year’s Word…
Looking forward to 2014, every time I sit down to think about the word and go through the exercises described on, there was only one word that kept coming to the top.  As my family continues to grow and as my professional journey continues to evolve, there is one word that encompasses everything going on.  That word is STRENGTH.


  • The STRENGTH to continue providing for my family.
  • The STRENGTH to take professional risks.
  • The STRENGTH to grow professionally.
  • The STRENGTH to continue exploring my faith.
  • The STRENGTH to get involved in a deeper way within my community.

I look forward to live out this word throughout 2014.  Join me in choosing One Word for 2014.  It isn’t too late.  What would your One Word be?


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